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3 Compressed Air Hose Safety Tips to Keep in Mind at the Workplace

3 Compressed Air Hose Safety Tips to Keep in Mind at the Workplace

3 Compressed Air Hose Safety Tips to Keep in Mind at the Workplace

Working in all industries requires that employees make safety a primary concern. When an employee is safe, they aren’t just making sure they, themselves, are free of harm but also the people around them as well as the building they are working in and any expensive equipment that’s nearby. To work and think safely is to be responsible.

  1. Make sure both the hose and couplings are free of damage prior to use.
  2. One of the most basic, but one of the most important, lessons when working with air hoses is making sure that the hose and couplings apart of your system are not damaged before you go to use them. When it comes to the hose, be on the lookout for marks, nicks, slits, or swollen sections. If you were to operate a hose like this, it’s likely that it will eventually burst, and the pressure of the compressed air can then cause serious damage to its surroundings. If damaged, you will need to opt for a replacement from ASJ Hose & Fittings before operating the system again. As for quick connect couplings, ensure that they are free of dirt prior to use and are properly connected. Otherwise, a system problem can arise, and major injuries can result.
  3. Select hoses that offer high visibility.
  4. In some cases, while not recommended, hoses may need to be left on the ground in an area that may be high traffic. For this reason, it’s a good idea to opt for hoses that offer a pop of color so that it stands out when lying on the floor. A high-visibility hose should be noticeable even in poor-quality lighting so that employees don’t make the mistake of tripping and falling over it (especially while it is in use, which can trigger serious danger).
  5. Always follow all local regulations and codes.
  6. It should be common knowledge to follow the rules, but of course, not everybody wants to follow them. Some people may strongly believe they can get away with ignoring rules, but they’re there are a very good reason: to keep people safe.

When it comes to working with compressed air, a great part of staying safe involves making sure employees are all following local regulations and codes, including OSHA (for those living in the United States). By following such, employees can not only lessen the chances of system failure but can help play their part in ensuring their company is up to code.

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