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Extreme Cold Can Damage Hydraulic Hoses, Here’s What to Do to Prevent it

Wintertime doesn’t just call for cranking up the heat and wearing extra layers of clothing. Many industries that don’t take the season off, too, have no choice but to switch gears due to the cooler weather. For instance, any industry utilizing hydraulic hoses will have to engage in extra precautions this time of year to […] read more →

Posted on: December 24, 2019

Common Reasons Commercial Hoses Fail

Let’s face it, commercial hoses don’t last forever. One day, they’re going to need to be replaced. However, it isn’t money-wise nor eco-friendly to be going through commercial hoses like they’re going out of style. If you find your commercial hoses wearing out much sooner than their average life expectancy, listen up. There are a […] read more →

Posted on: December 18, 2019

Why Picking the Right Hose Nozzle Matters

The nozzle of your hose plays an important role: to control and manipulate the pressure, speed, direction, and flow size and shape of the liquid being expelled from your hose. So, when you’re looking for a hose nozzle, you might think your options will be easy and that just about any nozzle will do for […] read more →

Posted on: December 12, 2019

How to Properly Dispose Old Commercial Hoses

We live in a “reuse, reduce, and recycle” world. What we don’t need, don’t use, and don’t want can be either used again, used in less quantity to avoid excess waste, or placed in the recycle bin and later repurposed. When it comes to commercial hoses or any type of hose for that matter, many […] read more →

Posted on: December 6, 2019

ASJ Hose Has the Best Air & Multipurpose Hoses in North America

Have you heard? ASJ Hose & Fittings has the greatest air & multipurpose hoses and accessories in all of North America! With quality products, a wide range of supply, and prices that can’t be beat, we’re your perfect go-to company for all of your commercial hose, fittings, and adapters needs. What Makes ASJ Hose & […] read more →

Posted on: November 27, 2019

How Do Hydraulic Fittings and Adapters Differ?

With nearly 40 years in the commercial hose business, we often get asked, “What’s the difference between hydraulic fittings and adapters?” Many assume that they’re synonymous terms and are inherently the same thing. In reality, fittings and adapters are two different hydraulic accessories that serve different purposes. Hydraulic Fittings A fitting is a piece that […] read more →

Posted on: November 20, 2019

What is a Bend Radius, and What is the Minimum Bend Radius for Hydraulic Hoses?

Every day, we get asked various hydraulic hose-related questions by our customers. Our helpful team at ASJ Hose & Fittings is more than happy to help give you the answers you need. In fact, two common inquiries we receive include, “What is a bend radius?” and “What is the hydraulic hose minimum bend radius?” Read […] read more →

Posted on: November 13, 2019

3 Hose Maintenance Tips for Optimal Safety

Nothing lasts forever. Eventually, even expensive, high-quality hydraulic hoses and accessories will begin to show signs of wear and tear. Although it’s inevitable that these devices will one day deteriorate and become unusable, the last thing you’d want is for them to become damaged sooner than later – or worse: damaged when you least expected […] read more →

Posted on: November 6, 2019

How Do You Know If Your Industrial Pressure Gauge is Accurate?

A pressure gauge is one of the most critical components of a majority of different processing systems. Numerous applications, from petrochemical processing to pneumatic installations, not only thrive with the use of a pressure gauge but require it for optimal success in everyday operations. It’s not enough, however, to have a pressure gauge; a gauge […] read more →

Posted on: October 21, 2019

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Chances of a Hydraulic Hose Leak

Anytime you work with a hydraulic system, there’s always a risk that you’ll encounter a hose leak. While a leaky hose may seem like no big deal, when it comes to hydraulics, a leakage is a serious business. Not only can these leaks increase the chances of possible slip and fall hazards, but they can […] read more →

Posted on: October 15, 2019


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