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One-Stop Destination for all your Industrial Hose and Fittings

Conveniently located in Corona, California, and operating with over 24,000 square feet of inventory, ASJ Industrial Hose and Fitting is one of the largest distributors of hose and fittings in all of North America. If you’re in the market looking for new equipment, you have come to the right place. Let us tell you more. […] read more →

Posted on: November 22, 2022

Eco-Friendly Industrial Hoses and Pipes

Everyone can make a difference –– including the industry giants manufacturing your hoses and pipes. Look at Kanaflex, for example. Their hose and pipe products are known for being eco-friendly and taking strides to reduce their carbon footprint. If you are anywhere in the Los Angeles area, you should stop by ASJ Industrial Hose and […] read more →

Posted on: November 15, 2022

Maintenance Tips for your Hoses

While they wait to get to your customers’ hands, there are several protective steps to ensure the quality and performance of your hoses. In this blog post, we share some helpful tips on how to take care of them and give them a long shelf life –– which will be good for business. Read on […] read more →

Posted on: November 14, 2022

Quality Valves in Los Angeles

Valves are essential to regulating the flow and release of various chemicals, including water. Without an operating valve, almost any overachieving apparatus is bound to fail –– try to picture a kitchen sink that won’t shut off. To that end, we present you with ASJ Industrial Hose and Fittings and tell you why we’re the […] read more →

Posted on: November 7, 2022

Hoses for Special Chemicals in SoCal

The garden hose in most people’s yard can be very useful, especially in different contexts. However, the typical garden hose shouldn’t be used when handling special and delicate chemicals, otherwise you risk encountering all sorts of problems. In the following blog post, we tell you all about the different hoses available for special chemicals. What […] read more →

Posted on: October 25, 2022

Brewery equipment in Corona, California

The brewing industry is a booming business that employs millions and yields just as much in profits –– if not more. But in order to be the thriving industry that it is, the brewing business has to be a well-oiled machine down to every single one of its parts. Here at ASJ Industrial Hose and […] read more →

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Evaporative Coolers in Los Angeles

While other parts of the country might be layering up for winter, everyone knows Los Angeles doesn’t really have seasons. And while the weather is usually temperate most of the year, there are those unbearably hot days when you just need to turn on the AC. Many work spaces, however, don’t have air conditioning –– […] read more →

Posted on: October 18, 2022

Stainless Steel Band Clamps Near You

If you’re looking tor stainless steel band camps in the Los Angeles area, we have just the place for you. These small pieces of equipment are essential for all kinds of purposes, which makes it all more important that you only use reliable materials you can count on. In this blog post, we introduce you […] read more →

Posted on: October 16, 2022

Looking for car brakes in SoCal?

Driving fast down an empty road is all fun and games until you can’t hit your brakes. Even worse, driving around either a city or the suburbs without the ability to slow down and stop your car is a serious health hazard –– one that can cost you lots of money and be potentially fatal. […] read more →

Posted on: September 27, 2022

Construction equipment in Los Angeles

The construction industry is one of the most significant business enterprises in the American economy. In 2019, for example, the industry was valued at $1.3 billion, and as of 2020, it employed more than 7 million employees –– almost double the entire population of Los Angeles. The success of such a gigantic industry is made […] read more →

Posted on: September 23, 2022


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