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Are You Neglecting Your Commercial Hoses?

Are You Neglecting Your Commercial Hoses?

Are You Neglecting Your Commercial Hoses?

It’s not hard to purchase a new commercial hose and use it as it’s intended to be used. Although, it’s a whole different ordeal to have to maintain it and take good care of it over the span of time that you have that hose in your possession. It’s easy to get lenient with the maintenance process or forget to take the best care of it possible. How many times have you bought something, only to fail to adequately take care of it? However, taking care of a hose is of upmost importance. In fact, having a neglected hose can lead to some foul consequences that you’ll most definitely want to avoid.

Signs of a Neglected Commercial Hose

Do you know if your hose has been neglected? While a hose with damage doesn’t always mean it has been neglected, if your hose is relatively new and/or has been very lightly used over the years, there are many indicators that suggest that your industrial hose hasn’t been exactly receiving the love and care it needed over the time that you’ve had it.

Some of these signs include:

  • Kinks
  • Heat cracks
  • Worn outer cover
  • Cracked fittings
  • External leakage
  • Knicks or cuts
  • Hard or stiff parts

If your hose has any of these, it’s likely the safest option to refrain from using it altogether. That little issue you see now can most definitely get worse within time and even more so with use. Especially for industrial purposes and for dangerous applications, never use a damaged hose. It’s one of the biggest risks you can take yet one of the easiest things you can choose to avoid doing. So, make the right decision.

Order New Commercial Hoses from ASJ Hose & Fittings

Your best bet when you have a commercial hose that has been severely neglected and damaged as a result is to replace it. It’s a big risk to have a hose that exhibits signs of severe wear and tear as it could potentially fail one day during use. Hose failure can lead to a possible slip and fall injury, severe damage to equipment or other surroundings, or even death. Always take a damaged hose very seriously.

Contact ASJ Hose & Fittings at (951) 735-1351 to discover the latest and greatest Continental brand commercial hoses that you can consider switching to. It’s the safer and better option to purchase a brand-new hose that isn’t damaged.


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