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ASJ Hoses & Fittings Has the Tank Drain Hose for Your Particular Application

ASJ Hoses & Fittings Has the Tank Drain Hose for Your Particular Application

Different kinds of hoses are used for different industrial applications. Tank drain hoses are specially designed to facilitate the drainage of liquids from different types of tanks, such as industrial storage tanks, fuel tanks, or chemical tanks. They’re essential for efficient fluid management and help prevent spills or leaks during the draining process. Tank drain hoses are commonly used in various industries and applications where the removal of liquids from a container, reservoir, or tank is necessary.

Applications for Tank Drain Hoses

Some of the industries and applications that use tank drain hoses include:

  • In the oil and gas industry, tank drain hoses are used for draining oil tanks, fuel tanks, hydraulic fluid reservoirs, and other liquid storage containers.
  • The chemical industry uses tank drain hoses for various applications, including draining chemical storage tanks, processing vessels, and containers to facilitate fluid transfer and handling.
  • Manufacturing and industrial plants employ tank drain hoses to drain industrial process tanks, coolant reservoirs, and liquid waste containers.
  • The food and beverage Industries use tank drain hoses for draining tanks used in the production of beverages, food processing, and liquid storage.
  • Ag businesses use tank drain hoses to drain agricultural storage tanks, liquid fertilizer tanks, and irrigation reservoirs.
  • In the mining industry, tank drain hoses are used for draining liquid storage tanks in mining operations, such as slurry tanks and chemical storage.
  • The automotive industry utilizes tank drain hoses to drain fluid reservoirs, coolant tanks, and waste fluid containers in automotive manufacturing and repair.

Special Features of Tank Drain Hoses

Some of the special features of tank drain hoses can include:

Material Compatibility

Tank drain hoses are often constructed from materials that are compatible with the specific liquid being drained. Material compatibility is essential to ensure the hose maintains its durability and does not degrade when in contact with the fluid. This includes resistance to chemicals, corrosives, or hazardous liquids.

Connectors and Fittings

Tank drain hoses typically have connectors or fittings at the ends to facilitate easy attachment to the tank outlet or drainage point. The choice of connectors can vary based on the type of tank and the required connection method.


The hoses are designed to be flexible, allowing for easy maneuverability and positioning when draining liquids from tanks with varying shapes and sizes.

Size and Diameter

Tank drain hoses come in various sizes and diameters to accommodate different flow rates and volumes of liquids. Hose size and diameter is dependent on the specific requirements of the draining process.

Temperature Resistance

Some tank drain hoses are designed to handle a variety of temperature ranges. This makes them suitable for applications where the drained liquid may be very hot (such as synthetic glycol-based thermal fluids) or very cold (such as liquid oxygen or nitrogen).

ASJ Hoses & Fittings: Your Source for the Highest Quality Tank Drain Hoses

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