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Best valve to shut off water in the Los Angeles area

Best valve to shut off water in the Los Angeles area

Best valve to shut off water in the Los Angeles area

It happens to everyone: you’re standing in front of your kitchen sink, trying to shut off the faucet, but the water simply won’t stop dripping. What do you do? No matter how hard you turn the handle, a slow and steady drip just won’t go away. The answer to your problem can be choosing the right water valve. Keep on reading to learn more, including where to find the best plumbing equipment in the Los Angeles area.

What are valves?

Think of valves are streetlights. They regulate water flow and pressure the way a streetlight can help direct traffic. A valve can tell water –– or almost any other liquid and substance, including air, oil, hydraulic fluid, etc –– which direction to travel to and when. A water valve, for example, will shut off or let water flow. Just as importantly, water valves can also regulate the temperature, making it possible for you to take warm baths at night to relax and cold showers in the morning to wake up feeling fresh.

Which is the best type of valve?

The answer to this question depends on what you are trying to accomplish. There are a ton of different valves out there and each one is best suited for different purposes. If you are trying to control the water flow in a faucet, your best bet is a ball valve.

Why are ball valves the best for water shut-off?

One of the things that sets ball valves apart is that they can open and close immediately, which is what you want for your kitchen and bathrooms. A leaky faucet is very bothersome –– imagine sitting in your living room and hearing a slow drip in the room next door. Not ideal, right? And’t that’s only one issue. A faucet that doesn’t completely shut off can be very expensive and cost you a high water bill.

There is one caveat, however. A ball valve should not be used for faucets that release water at high pressure. This is because when you quickly shut off water pouring out at high pressure, for example, you risk sending shock waves to the pipes and damage them in the long run. One way to mitigate such risk is by closing the ball valve slowly when in operation, or just using a different set-up altogether.

Where can you find the best ball valves in SoCal?

ASJ Industrial Hose & Fitting is where you want to go. Operating out of the great city go Corona, California, this business has been running for over 40 years –– making them one of the most trusted and experienced in the market. Get in touch with their office to learn more: (951) 735-1351.


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