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Chemical hoses in SoCal

Chemical hoses in SoCal

Chemical hoses in SoCal

There are more hose types than you probably think. For example, did you know there are hoses restaurants and processing plants use for food and beverages? Turns out there are also chemical hoses to work with very special substances that can’t be supported by your regular equipment. Chances are you already know about them if you’re reading this page, but let us give you a crash course just in case.

What are chemical hoses?

You can probably tell from the name, but chemical hoses are a type of hose used to handle chemicals that can erode or break down other types of hoses. These chemicals vary in function and composition –– everything from acids and bases to other special substances made in laboratories all around the world.

Think about it: if you used a regular garden hose to transport a chemical that can burn through most materials, chances are you would be in trouble. A chemical hose lets you handle these special chemicals adequately and with care –– they are like the oven mittens we use to take our banana bread out of the oven.

Do chemical hoses need special fittings?

This is a very important question. A hose fitting, as you might recall, is a type of connector. They connect one hose to another or to some other piece of equipment. As you can imagine, using a chemical-resistant hose won’t do you any good if your fitting can’t withstand the chemical’s structure. As such, you need hose fittings that similarly won’t erode or break down.

Luckily for you, ASJ Industrial Hose & Fitting has a wide inventory not just of chemical hoses but appropriate fittings as well.

General safety

If you are handling dangerous chemicals, it’s very important you exercise upmost care and attention. We recommend wearing gloves and protective goggles, for example, in addition to closed-toe shoes.

Using a chemical hose is not just about allowing you to transport chemicals –– it’s about allowing you to transport chemicals in a safe way. If you use the wrong hose and it disintegrates, you could be seriously injured and cause damage to physical property.

What more do I need to know?

The main thing you need to know from this blog post is that ASJ Industrial Hose & Fitting is available to help you with all your chemical hose needs. They can tell you everything about which fittings to use and which particular chemical hoses they recommend. With more than 40 years servicing the Los Angeles area, they are as trustworthy and experienced as they get. Call them today: (951) 735-1351.


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