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Continental’s Supervisory Board Announces New Executive Board Function for Integrity and Law

Continental’s Supervisory Board Announces New Executive Board Function for Integrity and Law

Continental’s Supervisory Board Announces New Executive Board Function for Integrity and Law

Continental, the German automotive parts manufacturer, recently announced that its Supervisory Board was creating a new Executive Board Function for Integrity and Law. The initiative is aimed at helping the company centralize functions from the areas of law, compliance, and risk management –– all of which is expected to improve business performance. Learn more details by reading the following blog post.

Integrity and Law

Earlier this month, on December 14th of 2022, Continental announced that it was creating the new Executive Board function of “Integrity and Law,” to be headed by Olaf Schnick. His new position will be responsible for the central areas Group Law and Intellectual Property, Group Compliance, Group Internal Audit, Group Quality Management and the new area Group Risks and Controls.

Consolidating the areas of law, compliance, and risk management, the company said, would allow it to focus even more on these areas and enhance its performance in the long haul. It is a move intended to make Continental more competitive on the international stage as the landscape changes –– in other words, it is a way of Continental to remain ahead of the curve as one of the best-performing companies on record.


Olaf Schnick is a very distinguished professional who was until recently the Chief Financial Officer of Mercedez-Benz Group China. Previous that position, he was Chief Compliance Officer at Daimler AG, which was in turn preceded by various positions within the company in the fields of law, mergers and acquisition, and finance.

More about Continental

Continental has established a strong reputation as a leading provider of tires for automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles worldwide, in addition to other related products. In addition, Continental has distinguished itself as an environmental leader with a comprehensive sustainability framework.

For example, Continental strives for 100% carbon neutrality along their entire value chain. Continental has also pledge to strive for 100% emission-free mobility and industries, as well as 100% closed resource and product cycles.

Where we come in

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