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Different Types of Industrial Hoses and What They Do

Different Types of Industrial Hoses and What They Do

Different Types of Industrial Hoses and What They Do

An industrial hose, as the name suggests, is a special type of hose used in the work industry. The term “industrial hose,” however, doesn’t refer to any single, specific type of hose, but rather, a wide variation of different types of hoses used for different professions and different purposes. For instance, there are specific types of industrial hoses available for those working in agriculture, the food service industry, fire protection, chemical engineering, and so on.

Here are some of the many different types of industrial hoses and the purpose(s) they serve:

Water Hoses

All of us already know what a water hose is. These types of hoses deliver water where necessary. Water hoses are typically used to irrigate landscapes, farmland, or gardens. They can also be used in industries involving fire protection, industrial waste, tank or equipment cleaning, and manure.

Food and Beverage Hoses

Several subcategories of food and beverage hoses exist. Nevertheless, these types of hoses are typically involved in the food and pharmaceutical industries, often alongside applications involving milk, beer, potable water, orange juice, carbonated beverages, or oily/fatty foods (e.g., vegetable oils).

Chemical Hoses

This type of hose is designed to transfer, process, load, or unload liquid chemical substances, whether organic or inorganic. Paints, salt solutions, and varnishes are examples of such chemical substances. Chemical hoses are typically involved in the chemical, pharmaceutical, or food industry.

Material Handling Hoses

Material handling hoses are used in a wide range of application, such as those involving dust collection, transportation of gravel or fertilizer, duct cleaning, filtering, heating or cooling, textile fiber collection, and much more. You can usually find material handling hoses playing a role in vacuum trucks, sand blasters, injection molders, mulch sprayers, or concrete plants.

Air Hoses

Construction sites, mines, garages, agriculture, and other industrial fields often utilize air hoses in low-pressure applications. Specifically, these hoses are often used alongside air compressors, spray guns, and pneumatic lines and systems, thanks to their crack- and abrasion-resistant materials. Some varieties of air hoses can work with water and/or certain chemicals.

Which Industrial Hose is Right for You?

Not sure which industrial hose your application requires? Or, know what type of hose you need but not sure what material or size of hose you need – or even what hose fittings or other accessories you might require? You’ve got the questions, and our team at ASJ Industrial Hose and Fittings, Inc. has the answers and supply to meet your needs!

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