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Don’t Accept a Failing Industrial Hose No Matter What

Don’t Accept a Failing Industrial Hose No Matter What

Don't Accept a Failing Industrial Hose No Matter What

It’s easy to lookover something like a crack, kink, or nick in a hose and continue to use it otherwise. It takes a very brave soul to do something like this, because if you weren’t aware before, there are some hefty risks associated with using a failing hose despite it showing clear indicators that it is aging and wearing and tearing.

The Risks of Using a Failing Hose

If you didn’t know or long forgot about the consequences tied to using a failing industrial hose, allow us to tell you.

Depending on the problem with the hose and the type of hose it is, when in use, a malfunctioning hose may trigger a leak or serious spill, chemical exposure, fire, electrocution, or an explosion. A hose that is damaged may also cause high pressure liquid to spray out or fittings to fly off, which can strike equipment or even your workers and lead to a serious injury, death, and/or damage to your equipment or industrial building.

It’s never good news when it comes to using a failing industrial hose. The hose may not only have performance problems, but it will eventually lead to one or multiple of the latter risks. The risks truly aren’t worth it unless you’re looking for an emergency, a hefty fine, or a lawsuit – or even all three. Playing it safe is always your best bet no matter how “little” the wear and tear of your industrial hose might pose.

Get Your Hands on New Industrial Hose Equipment Now

The first thing to do in the event that you notice your commercial hose is experiencing wear and tear or damage of some sort is to stop using it, dispose of it, and then shop for a replacement. New industrial hose equipment, especially from the brand Continental, can be highly trusted – much more than any old equipment that you might have on hand at this moment.

Never, ever take a risk with a failing industrial hose, even if you’re just using it yourself for a brief moment. It can and will fail at some point in time; you’ll just never know when that time may be, unfortunately, which is why we strongly suggest saying bye to this old equipment and saying hello to a fresh batch of industrial hose goodies.

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