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Duct Tape isn’t Something That’ll Fix Your Broken Hydraulic Hose

Duct Tape isn’t Something That’ll Fix Your Broken Hydraulic Hose

Duct Tape isn't Something That'll Fix Your Broken Hydraulic Hose

Duct tape can be used to temporarily patch up or a fix a lot of things. One might use duct tape to wrap a cord, seal cracked plastic, or even fix a camping tent. Others might use duct tape to remove pet hair from furniture or clothing or even as a way to catch pesky bugs.

One thing, though, that you should never, ever under any circumstance use duct tape for is to patch up a broken hydraulic hose. This can pose serious danger as an unreliable hydraulic hose can lead to severe injuries or even death if it is to burst while in use whether duct tape is used or not. (Newsflash: duct tape is not strong enough to help patch up a hole or crack on something like a hydraulic hose, especially since these hoses are capable of using high pressure!)

What to Do When Your Hydraulic Hose Shows Signs of Wear and Tear

Instead of using duct tape as your go-to method to “fix” your hydraulic hose, we strongly recommend not using your hose at all if it has cracks, kinks or bumps, tearing, holes, or any other sort of signs of wear and tear. Not only can a hose like this not perform as it’s meant to, but as mentioned, a failing hydraulic hose can lead to some serious and irreversible consequences that can not only harm one’s health and safety but may also lead to equipment damage, building damage, or even a big fat lawsuit.

So, rather than turning to the duct tape method that we strongly advise against, we recommend, instead, to properly dispose of your old, failing hydraulic hose and replacing it with newer, reliable equipment that you know you can trust from the get-go. You can never be too safe when it comes to hydraulic hoses and hydraulic hose accessories.

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