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Evaporative Coolers in Los Angeles

Evaporative Coolers in Los Angeles

Evaporative Coolers in Los Angeles

While other parts of the country might be layering up for winter, everyone knows Los Angeles doesn’t really have seasons. And while the weather is usually temperate most of the year, there are those unbearably hot days when you just need to turn on the AC. Many work spaces, however, don’t have air conditioning –– which is where evaporative coolers come in. Let us tell you all about them.

What are evaporative coolers?

Evaporative coolers are a type of compact cooling systems –– or portable AC, if you will. For the past 30+ years, Portacool has become one of the leading companies selling evaporative coolers and helping people from all over the world stay cool under hot weather.

Portacool offers different types of evaporative coolers. There is the Jetstream series, the Cyclone series, the Portacool 510, and so many others. The difference between them is usually related to size and intended use. The Hazardous Location series, for example, is a line of Portacool equipment that can provide extraordinary cooling for challenging environments. This cooler is best suited for high-heat environments where combustibles are a concern, particularly where oil and gas exploration, chemical production, and fuel depots are involved.

Other models

One of the most popular models is the Portacool 510. This small cooler has a minuscule footprint and can be easily moved anywhere you need it: from suburban patios to industrial settings and warehouses, it can be placed almost anywhere. This model is particularly helpful if you have pets who need cooling.

The Portacool Cyclone, on the other hand, is recommended for areas where air conditioning is impractical. This model is perfect for outdoor areas, including patios, garages, and the like. The Cyclone comes in three different types, each one offering different strengths and benefits. As with all Portacool equipment, each devices comes protected with certain warranty protections for your peace of mind.

Why should you purchase an evaporative cooler

Evaporative coolers can make almost any workplace instantly better. If employees are working under tiresome and exhausting conditions, this only hurts your line of business in the long run as their productivity and efficiency will be negatively impacted. Keeping your workspace under a desirable temperature will not only make your employees feel better, it will also strengthen your business.

Where to find evaporative coolers

If you are looking for Portacool equipment in the Los Angeles area, ASJ Industrial Hose and Fitting is an authorized distributor ready to help. Get in touch today: (951) 735-1351.


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