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Extreme Cold Can Damage Hydraulic Hoses, Here’s What to Do to Prevent it

Extreme Cold Can Damage Hydraulic Hoses, Here’s What to Do to Prevent it

Extreme Cold Can Damage Hydraulic Hoses, Here’s What to Do to Prevent it

Wintertime doesn’t just call for cranking up the heat and wearing extra layers of clothing. Many industries that don’t take the season off, too, have no choice but to switch gears due to the cooler weather. For instance, any industry utilizing hydraulic hoses will have to engage in extra precautions this time of year to ensure their hoses remain in top-notch order.

How Cold Affects Hydraulic Hoses

The chillier weather, ice, snow, frost, and high winds of wintertime are foes for commercial hoses. Being exposed to extreme cold, especially for prolonged periods of time, can permanently alter the bending behavior of your beloved hydraulic hose. After warming back up, your hose may become stiff, leathery, and tough.

Although many hoses on the market these days are designed to withstand colder weather, at least to a certain degree, your best bet is to play it safe. By taking extra good care of your hoses during extreme temperatures and weather conditions, you can potentially extend the lifespan of your hoses and prevent any potential future mishaps such as sudden hose failure.

Ways to Prevent Hydraulic Hose Damage in the Winter

Whether the weather in your area dips down into the negatives or gets just below freezing a month or two out of the year, your hydraulic hoses should still be protected from the colder temperatures. Your job depends on quality hoses to get the job done, and you trust that your hoses won’t burst or leak while in the midst of use. However, you can only ensure this if you take good care of your hoses.

You can protect your precious commercial hoses in the winter by using a protective wrap or sleeve, keeping ice and snow away from your hose and its components, storing your hydraulic hoses indoors in a clean and dry area, and running your hydraulic system for about an hour prior to operating any attachments to give them time to warm up beforehand.

Completing regular visual inspections of your hoses and hydraulic cylinder rods for cracks and rust is also imperative during these months. If you notice any damage, your safest bet is to get brand new commercial hoses and accessories from ASJ Hose to prevent injuries or other dangers from using your faulty equipment.

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