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Fire Safety Equipment for the Construction Industry

Fire Safety Equipment for the Construction Industry

Fire Safety Equipment for the Construction Industry

A major deal in the construction industry is safety. From ensuring your staff are appropriately dressed for the job, to avoiding potential slip-and-fall injuries by cleaning up spills, to verifying that you and your team’s work satisfies all building codes, safety should always be a top priority. Installing the right fire safety equipment to code is one of many things that’s vital in the world of construction.

For instance, in Article 36 of Subchapter 4 of the California Code of Regulations, entitled “Fire Protection and Prevention,” it is a requirement that at least one standard hose outlet is installed per floor of a building. This is just one of the many fire safety measures that exists today. Even disregarding the legality of ensuring your buildings are to code, knowing you’re providing a safe environment for your clients if an accident or natural disaster does strike, you can be proud you installed the right fire equipment from the start.

Why the Right Equipment Matters

Installing fire safety equipment in a home or building you are working on is one thing; installing the right fire safety equipment is another. Without the best fire supply, you might as well not install it at all if it will not serve your clients’ buildings well in the long-run.

Clearly, not all fire supply is created equal. Being in the industry for decades, we know the realities of this. The good news is, we promise to provide only high-quality fire safety equipment and nothing less.

Remember, your employees, clients, and many others depend on you to ensure you purchase the right safety equipment to install in the buildings you work on. When your clients can trust you to ensure you equip their building properly according to building code, your integrity will surely pay off.

Fire Safety Equipment We Carry

At present, ASJ Hose & Fitting, Inc. supplies adapters, hose couplings, nozzles, clappers, fire hoses, and more for construction businesses in North America.

Our family-run business has been owned and operated in Corona, California for nearly four decades, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon! Our team values quality, speedy shipping to provide consumers the fire supply, hoses, clamps, fittings, valves, and gauges they need for their industry as soon as 

Need fire supply for your construction business to meet safety and building code standards? Call us today at (951) 735-1351 to see how we can supply your needs.


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