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Gate and needle valves in Los Angeles, California

Gate and needle valves in Los Angeles, California

Gate and needle valves in Los Angeles, California

Control valves are essential tools to regulate the flow of water or any other fluids. Because there are many different types of valves out there, choosing the right type requires that you consider the way in which the valve will be used. Some valves, for example, are better than others when it comes to straight flows or quick shut offs such as when you’re operating a sink. This blog post will discuss two specific types of valves that are similar but slightly different: the gate and needle valves. Let us tell you more about them.

Gate valves

A gate valve works by raising a gate or barrier out of the way of the flowing fluid. When fully open, the valve leads liquids flow unobstructed. An example of a gate valve at work can be seen in the water spigots outside a residential home.

There are two types of gate valves: parallel and wedge gate valves. The latter gets its name from its wedge shape and and provides the advantage of sealing against low and high pressure flow, making them ideal for versatile uses.

One of the distinctive features of gate valves is that they open very quickly. They also have high capacity, have good seals, and are relatively inexpensive. However, gate valves cannot be used for throttling and they can sometimes have poor control over the liquids they administer.

Needle valves

Most of what we said about gate valves applies to needle valves as well. After all, these two types are very similar to each other.

What makes needle valves different is that they are usually applied to a much smaller orifice. Needle valves are excellent for precise control of fluid flow, typically at lower rates.

Other types of valves

In addition to gate and needle valves, you can also find ball valves, foot valves, hydraulic valves… the list goes on. Remember, each type is suited for a specific purpose, so it is important to keep in mind what your needs are and how you plan to use your equipment.

Where to find gate and needle valves in Los Angeles

If you are in the market for gate and needle valves in the Los Angeles area, we can’t recommend ASJ Industrial Hose & Fitting enough. They have been supplying quality equipment for over 40 years and have plenty of satisfied customers attesting to the quality of their work. Get in touch today to learn more about what they have to offer: (951) 735-1351.


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