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Give Your Commercial Hoses Some Love This Valentine’s Day by Performing a Thorough Inspection

Give Your Commercial Hoses Some Love This Valentine’s Day by Performing a Thorough Inspection

Give Your Commercial Hoses Some Love This Valentine's Day by Performing a Thorough Inspection

This month, everyone’s focused on loving their significant other a little more than usual. They’re showering their lover with lots of attention, sugary treats, and romantic gestures. You know how it goes.

At ASJ Hose & Fittings, Inc, we’re urging our customers to not just show some extra love to their partner but also to their commercial hoses this Valentine’s Day. One great way to do that is by performing a quality inspection of each of their hoses, regardless of the type.

How to Perform a Hose Inspection

Even in the work industry, it’s easy to neglect the hoses you use on the daily, but performing regular inspections is an absolute must – including at least one very thorough annual inspection. Fortunately, hose inspections aren’t too difficult as long as you know what to be on the lookout for.

When performing an inspection, one should always look for punctures, cracks, rotting sections, mildew, debris, and other signs of wear and tear on not just hoses but also on the hoses’ nozzle, couplings, and other applicable parts.

Even if your hose is still under warranty and even if you take the best care of your hose, anything can happen to it over the years. That said, inspections should be treated like they’re mandatory, not optional.

Why Hose Inspections Matter

Inspections of any kind are always done for one main reason: to ensure safety. The same thing applies to commercial hoses. The whole purpose of inspecting an industrial hose is to make sure it won’t pose potential danger to a user.

Without performing inspections of commercial hoses, it’s easy to miss visible nicks and tears on your hose that could otherwise later lead to messy leaks, physical injuries due to high-pressure material expelling, and equipment damage.

Although regular hose inspections, let alone a thorough inspection every now and then, can be inconvenient and a bit time-consuming, nothing is more important than safety and efficiency. To fail to inspect your hoses is essentially asking for trouble to occur on the job. That’s why our company is so big on informing customers to take the time to perform those much-needed inspections.

If and when you ever do notice your industrial hose showing signs of damage, it’s critical to get a new one. Call ASJ Hose & Fittings, Inc. today at (951) 735-1351 if you need to purchase new, safe-to-use industrial hoses and/or hose accessories to replace equipment that can no longer be trusted to safely function.


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