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Hoses for Pressure Washers in Los Angeles

Hoses for Pressure Washers in Los Angeles

Hoses for Pressure Washers in Los Angeles

Water is a magical cleaning element. It can be used to wash off animals after an oil spill, for example, as well as for your regular, everyday cleaning. Now imagine that you give water some horsepower. That’s exactly what a pressure washer does –– it releases water at pressurized capacities to clean dirt, stains, and almost anything you can think of. In this blog post, we tell you all about how to keep your pressure washer in optimal condition, starting by keeping it well supplied.

History of the pressure washer

Our story begins in the small town of Moon Township, PA, located in the Pittsburgh Metro area. The year was 1926, and a local resident by the name of Frank W. Ofeldt II had a serendipitous realization that changed the course of cleaning. Frank had whiskey stills at home. One day, he noticed that the steam from the whiskey stills was removing grease stains from his garage floor, which prompted him to try to design a cleaning contraption based on his discovery.

Long story short, Frank’s discovery ushered in new developments that eventually culminated in the creation of the pressure washer as we know it today.

How to care for your pressure washer

There are certain steps you should take before and after operating a pressure washer. We summarize some of them here.

Before you use your pressure washer, we highly recommend checking the fluid levels. Make sure the oil and fuel levels are not overfilled, otherwise you risk causing damage to your equipment and maybe even starting a fire. You also want to flush out the garden hose before connecting it to your machine.

Once you’re done using your pressure washer, you want to clean out the detergent system. You also want to drain excess water in order to avoid complications down the road.

Maintaining your pressure washer

As with all pieces of equipment, there will come a day when your pressure washer needs to be serviced –– there is nothing unusual about wear and tear.

Hose issues are among the most common problems with pressure washers. Most of the time, this can be easily fixed by simply replacing the hose attached to your equipment. If you are located anywhere in the Los Angeles area and would like to know where you can find a suitable hose, we recommend ASJ Industrial Hose & Fitting. We have over 35 years of experience providing quality hose products and making customers happy. Give us a call today to learn more: (951) 735-1351.


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