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Hoses Used in Chemical Processing Applications

Hoses Used in Chemical Processing Applications

Hoses play a vital role in the chemical processing industry. They are indispensable for the transfer of various liquids and gasses within the manufacturing and processing facilities. The hoses used by the chemical processing industry are designed and manufactured to handle specific types of chemicals, different temperature ranges, and adverse environmental conditions.

Both pneumatic and hydraulic hoses are employed in the chemical processing industry. Pneumatic hoses are used to convey powders and granular materials within a processing plant. Hydraulic hoses are used to transport the various hydraulic fluids used to control machinery and processes.

Applications of Hoses in the Chemical Processing Industry

Hoses are used for many applications in the chemical processing industry:

One of the main uses of hoses is the safe and efficient transfer of chemicals from one point to another within a processing facility. The hoses used in chemical transfer must be constructed to be compatible with the specific liquids or gasses they transport. This includes the hoses used for handling potentially hazardous chemicals such as acids, alkali substances, abrasive materials, and industrial solvents.

Hoses that transport reactive, alkaline, or acidic chemicals must be made of corrosion resistant materials. Hoses that carry like oils, fuels, and other volatile substances need to be gas-tight, explosion-proof, and flame resistant to reduce the chances of ignition.

Hoses are used to load and unload chemicals into and from tanks, vessels, and rail cars, and other transport vehicles. In batch processing operations, hoses transfer raw materials, intermediates, and finished products between various processing units, including reactors, mixers, and storage tanks.

Specially manufactured hoses are used in cooling and heating processes that involve the transfer of very hot or extremely cold liquids to control the temperature of the materials being processed. Hoses that carry coolants or refrigerants must be able to handle high or low temperatures without becoming damaged, while hoses that transport steam need to be constructed to be resistant to high temperatures. Both media and ambient temperatures need to be considered when determining temperature resistance.

Considerations When Selecting a Hose for a Chemical Processing Application

When selecting hoses for chemical processing applications, it’s necessary to consider factors such as chemical compatibility, temperature resistance, pressure ratings, flexibility, and durability. A wide variety of industry standards exist which set specific requirements for the construction and performance properties of hoses used in the chemical processing industry. These standards include those established by the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers), EN (European Norm), DIN (Deutsche Institut fur Normung), ISO (International Standards Organization), and others.

In addition, the hoses used in chemical processing need to be regularly inspected and properly maintained to ensure their integrity and prevent leaks or failures that could result in safety hazards or disruptions in operations.

We Supply Hoses for a Wide Range of Applications

ASJ Industrial Hose and Fittings provides hoses suitable for a wide range of materials, temperatures, and pressures. We’ve been supplying industrial-grade hoses as well as hose clamps, fittings, valves, and gauges to companies in the chemical processing industry since 1982.

Our team of dedicated sales representatives is here to help you find the right hose and hose accessories for your particular application. Most of our products are available for immediate shipment or pickup. You can reach ASJ Industrial Hose and Fittings through our website or call us at (951) 735-1351 to learn more about our products. If you’re in the Corona, CA area, stop by and visit our facility in Corona, CA at 1033 E. 3rd St..


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