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How Dangerous is it to Use the Wrong Hose?

How Dangerous is it to Use the Wrong Hose?

How Dangerous is it to Use the Wrong Hose?

A lot of people understand the dangers of using a hose that is worn or damaged. However, not everyone is aware that simply selecting the wrong hose to use for their application can be equally dangerous.

Truth be told, you can’t just walk into a hose supply store, buy a random hose without verifying what it’s meant to be used for, and expect it to work for any application with no problems. Certain hoses are designed for certain tasks. Not to mention, not all hoses are able to withstand the same temperatures or are compatible with transferring the same types of materials (e.g., chemicals, air, water, etc.). To top it off, hoses are offered in different sizes, levels of durability, flexibility, and water speed and pressure. It’s safe to say to do your research before you buy!

The Hazards Associated with Using the Wrong Hose

So, say you decide to purchase a hose, and you opt to purchase the first one that piques your interest. You ignore what the hose is designed for, the maximum temperature it can handle, and the like. You assume that the manufacturer or company selling you the hose is trying to scam you by saying that different hoses are designed for different things, hence why you chose a random hose that you felt was most within your budget. What could go wrong, you think?

Being stubborn and mindless when buying hoses is not the way to go. For instance, using a water hose to transfer chemicals can lead to a dangerous situation that can result in serious injuries since water hoses are not meant for rigorous applications nor the transfer of intense materials. Hoses that are designed to transport water are less sturdy and not as resistant to rough conditions.

Apart from injury, using the incorrect hose for your application (or even simply using the hose incorrectly) can lead to property and product damage – or even death in extreme case scenarios.

Hose Safety Starts with Buying the Appropriate Hose

One of the best initial things you can do when it comes to getting your hands on a hose is to conduct thorough research and make sure you know what hose you’re buying before you buy it. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing the wrong hose, only to put yourself in a dangerous situation. There is a genuine reason why manufacturers claim that certain hoses are meant for certain things, and it’s not to fool you or to charge you more; it’s to keep you safe.

We can’t stress hose safety enough! Contact ASJ Hose & Fittings by phone at (951) 735-1351 to find the right Continental hose you need for your application.


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