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How Do You Know If Your Industrial Pressure Gauge is Accurate?

How Do You Know If Your Industrial Pressure Gauge is Accurate?

How Do You Know If Your Industrial Pressure Gauge is Accurate?

A pressure gauge is one of the most critical components of a majority of different processing systems. Numerous applications, from petrochemical processing to pneumatic installations, not only thrive with the use of a pressure gauge but require it for optimal success in everyday operations. It’s not enough, however, to have a pressure gauge; a gauge is meaningless unless it provides accurate readings.

Warning Signs Your Gauge’s Readings are Wrong

The next worst thing to having no pressure gauge is having a gauge that’s inaccurate. From excessive equipment vibration to exposure of extreme temperatures, there are many things that can impact the accuracy of your gauge’s readings.

Some common signs your readings aren’t correct include:

  • Readings are too low or too high.
  • The gauge isn’t zeroing.
  • The needle on your device is stuck.
  • You’re getting different readings when you use another gauge.
  • Your gauge isn’t working at all.

The Dangers of Using an Inaccurate Pressure Gauge

After noticing the latter warning signs, it’s critical to make the switch to a more accurate pressure gauge. Continuing to use a malfunctioning gauge – or not using a gauge at all – could potentially lead to hydraulic failure, pneumatic blow outs, and/or substance leaks. After all, when pressure readings are inaccurate or not present at all, your equipment could be operating at a dangerously high pressure that could have been avoided or resolved if you had accurate readings from the start.

As a result of the potential damages caused from utilizing operations at the wrong pressure, life-threatening injuries to employees, permanent damage to expensive equipment, and fire danger are unfortunate possibilities.

The best way to avoid such risks is to always use proper equipment, including accurate gauges; provide regular inspections on equipment; and teach employees how to properly use and operate machinery.

Scope Reliable Gauges from ASJ Hose & Fittings, Inc.

At ASJ Hose & Fittings, Inc., we offer a wide variety of different industrial gauges for a plethora of applications. The types of gauges we have in stock include dry, vacuum, liquid, 0-10,000 PSI, ABS, stainless, brass, pressure, and back or bottom mount gauges.

Being in business for over 35 years, you can trust our company to sell you only the best gauges you can get your hands on. Leave it to us to find you the most relevant supply for your operations and get your order shipped out as soon as possible!

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