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Need hose fittings and quality gauges in Anaheim?

Need hose fittings and quality gauges in Anaheim?

Need hose fittings and quality gauges in Anaheim?

When people think of hosing equipment, they often make the mistake of thinking all they need is a quality hose. While that is important, what you also need are some good quality hose fittings and gauges to complete your set-up –– and we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about them.

What are hose fittings?

Also known as hose coupling, hose fittings are a type of connector you can attach at the end of your hose to either connect it to another hose or a water sprinkler.

You would think shopping for a hose fitting is pretty simple, right? We wouldn’t be in SoCal if we didn’t have tons of options for virtually everything though, and hose fittings are no exception.

ASJ Hose carries a full line of fittings for all kinds of water needs. Whether you’re looking for a low- or high-pressure hose, finding the adequate fitting is extremely important. In the following section, we’ll guide you through some of your options.

Types of hose fittings

If you’re looking for something you can use in your family home, you probably won’t be buying a hydraulic fitting. This kind is an industrial type usually used to handle liquids such as oils and gasoline –– probably a little too much if you just want to water your rose garden.

You can probably guess from the name: fire fittings are used to connect fire hoses, hydrants, and other equipment used by firefighters. If you’re looking for something you can use in your backyard, this probably isn’t it either.

Garden hose fittings are some of the most common and popular fittings. The right fit can extend your hose and help you reach every corner of your home. If water pressure is what you’re after, you can find a wide selection ranging from low to high.

There are even more options available at your disposal –– really, the opportunities are endless.

What are gauges for?

You probably have a fairly good idea about what we use gauges for.

Gauges are everywhere: we use them to pump our tires and put more air in our soccer balls. Factories use them for all kinds of industrial purposes. You get the idea.

Now imagine that, when using a gauge, the numbers on a dial were incorrect. We probably don’t need to explain why that would be a bad thing, which is why it is crucial that you only ever use good, reliable gauges you can trust.

ASJ Hose

Now that you know all that, what’s next? If you’re living in the SoCal area, ASJ Hose is one of the leading sellers of hose fittings and gauges. Their prices are competitive and their services leave everyone happy –– call them today for more information: (951) 735-1351


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