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Oil Hoses in Corona

Oil Hoses in Corona

Oil Hoses in Corona

With gas prices through the roof, you want to make sure the oil hoses you are using are working as efficiently as possible –– a leak is simply too expensive right now, not to mention dangerous. So where exactly does one find reliable oil and petroleum hoses? If you are in the Southern California area, ASJ Industrial Hose and Fitting is your best choice. Let us tell you why.

What is an oil and petroleum hose?

You can probably tell from the name, but oil and petroleum hoses are a special type of hose used to handle and transport oil and petroleum. As you can imagine, you simply can’t use your typical garden hose –– you need special materials that can keep a normal and safe temperature.

Oil and petroleum hoses are typically made out of rubber and metal, materials that make them extremely durable and safe. Even then, however, they sometimes break down and need to be replaced. And because they handle very delicate substances, it is of upmost importance that your oil and petroleum hoses are in the right condition.

How can you tell if your hose needs replacing?

If you spot any leaks or tears, that’s as good sign as any that your oil and petroleum hose needs to be replaced. If you’re dealing with an oil hose inside your car, the best way to check is by having a mechanic do a routine inspection –– they will know how to handle your equipment with care.

Because oil hoses inside your car are very close to the engine, the heat can sometimes wear them down. You might start noticing puddles of oil underneath your car, which is never a good sign.

How often should you replace oil and petroleum hoses?

A good rule of thumb is that your hose should be replaced if it is older than 5 years, though the exact answer will depend on other factors such as frequency of use. A petroleum hose that is used extensively throughout the day, for example, might need a replacement earlier than one barreled touched.

Where can I find oil and petroleum hoses in SoCal?

Remember, ASJ Industrial Hose and Fitting is your best option in Corona, California. They practically offer hoses of every type you can imagine, including oil and petroleum. They also offer wide range of other items, including valves, gauges, and fire supply equipment, just to name a few.

Now in the business since 1982, ASJ Industrial Hose and Fitting is one of the leading supplies not just in the area but the entire country. Call them today to learn more about everything they offer: (951) 735-1351.


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