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Over 35 Years of Supplying Top Notch Industrial Hoses and Accessories

Over 35 Years of Supplying Top Notch Industrial Hoses and Accessories

Over 35 Years of Supplying Top Notch Industrial Hoses and Accessories

Over 35 Years of Supplying Top Notch Industrial Hoses and Accessories

Companies in a handful of industries, from construction to petroleum, make use of industrial hoses on a daily basis. However, selecting the wrong hose or incorrect accessories for your hose can potentially lead to a handful of dangers, such as:

  • Chemical exposure
  • Electrocution
  • Leaks
  • Flash fires
  • Contamination
  • Slippery floors
  • An explosion
  • Serious injury
  • And more

Due to these risks, it’s imperative to be careful as you select the right equipment to utilize in your place of work. With an understanding of the correct hose and accessories you need for your particular project, you can diminish the latter risks and generally improve the safety at your facility.

Our Industrial Hose & Accessories Inventory

By contacting a professional at ASJ Industrial Hose & Fittings, Inc., we can help you decide what hose supplies you need to safely get your work done. We keep an open line of communication with our clients and potential clients to give them greater confidence that they will be supplied only with products they can trust.

At ASJ, we offer fire supply, industrial hoses, clamps, gauges, valves, and fittings. Some of the specific products we supply include clappers, adapters, hydraulic hoses, center punches, hose couplings, nozzles, pellet transfer hoses, fire fittings, butterfly valves, ABS gauges and much more.

Why We’re Your Go-To Source

You might be thinking to yourself, “Why should I purchase from ASJ Industrial Hose & Fittings, Inc. and not from somewhere else?” In response, we’ll tell you that our knowledge and experience in industrial hoses and accessories is unbeatable.

We’ve been in business for over 35 years providing industrial supplies for companies in a wide range of industries. We dedicate ourselves to not only providing our quality products to our clients but also guidance in choosing and safely using those products.

Although anyone can purchase hoses and fittings without speaking with a professional first, our assistance can help confirm that the supplies you purchase will be reliable the first time around.

Contact Us Today About Our Industrial Hoses and Accessories!

Whether you aren’t sure what type of industrial hose to opt for or are having difficulty sourcing out the correct fitting for your hose, our staff at ASJ Industrial Hose & Fittings, Inc. will help provide you with what you need. We’ll happily provide integral information to any questions you have in regard to hoses and accessories!

For any questions about our inventory, give us a call today at (951) 735-1351.


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