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Plumbing Equipment for Floods in Southern California

Plumbing Equipment for Floods in Southern California

Plumbing Equipment for Floods in Southern California

Most of the West Coast is under heavy rainfall –– especially in the sunny state of California. And while the heavy downpour is good news for the drought in our state, the intense rain is putting a strain on our resources and infrastructure. As such, you want to make sure you have the right equipment to prevent and deal with flooding. Keep on reading to learn more.

What is a flooding?

In the most simple of terms, flooding refers to an overflow of water in a specific area. There are different types of flooding, both of which we will cover here.

A natural flooding is when a river or other body of water overflows and at least partially submerges a dry area. This typically happens after intense storms and can lead to sewage water flooding your home.

Your home can also sometimes flood even in the absence of heavy rainfall. This second type of flooding tends to be more limited in scope and happens as a result of pump and plumbing problems in your home.

Equipment that can help with flooding

Perhaps the single most helpful piece of equipment that can help with flooding is a backwater valve. This type of valve can be installed on sewer lines and flood drains in basements to automatically shutoff and prevent leakage out of the plumbing fixture if sewage from an obstructed public sewer backs up the owner’s drain line.

Other types of valves might also offer additional benefits. Here at ASJ Industrial Hose and Fitting, we offer an impressive inventory that includes a 24,000 square foot facility in Corona, California. We offer just about every valve you can think of, in addition to gauges and fittings for all kinds of related purposes.

We also offer a large range of hoses, which can be helpful when dealing with flooding. After a flood, excess water is drained from homes using machinery that typically involves different types of hoses for suction purposes. Much like with valves, we pride ourselves in our inventory and what we can do for your needs.

Why us

There are no competitors like ASJ Industrial Hose and Fitting –– not even close. In addition to an impressive amount of equipment, our office is staffed by a dedicated team of professionals ready to help you and your needs. If you are located anywhere in Southern California, give us a call today: (951) 735-1351.


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