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The Right Ways to Care for Commercial Hoses

The Right Ways to Care for Commercial Hoses

The Right Ways to Care for Commercial Hoses

It’s true that commercial hoses are stronger, tougher, and typically last longer than their non-commercial counterparts. This is all for a good reason: because they’re often used more frequently and under more serious conditions.

However, this doesn’t mean you can slack on how you care for and maintain hoses that are regarded for commercial use. If anything, they require more care.

Learn how to care for your commercial hoses in all the right ways by reading the following.

Never Leave Your Hose Out When the Conditions Aren’t Favorable.

You wouldn’t leave your precious, young puppy out in the freezing cold, would you? And you wouldn’t leave him or her out in the blistering, hot sunshine; in the pouring rain; or during a snowstorm. You should do the same for commercial hoses.

If left in extreme conditions, especially directly, hoses can suffer from considerable damage from fading and splitting to a much lower lifespan. You’re better being safe than sorry, even if it means sticking to tedious measures to ensure your commercial hose is always put away properly. This involves making sure the contents within your hose is drained out, that your hose is properly looped (yes, even the really long hoses), and that your hose is placed in an area outside of the dangerous outdoor conditions.

Hose Not in Use? Store it, and Store it Correctly.

Even if the conditions outdoors are mild in terms of weather and ambient temperature, you still tend to store your hose correctly whenever it’s not in use.

Apart from making sure to empty the contents from your hose, loop your hose correctly, and store your hose within an area that won’t be in direct contact with the great outdoors, it’s critical that the place you store your hose is free of pests, is mild in temperature, and doesn’t contain a lot of sun or moisture. Additionally, it’s a good idea to remove all accessories from your hose prior to storage.

Replace Hoses and Hose Accessories as Needed.

It’s not enough to keep commercial hoses safe by putting it away when the weather is poorly and storing it during the times it may not be used for a while. Hoses can still break down with or without use and with or without adequate storage.

That said, always make sure to inspect your hose supply regularly. Be on the lookout for kinks, nicks, splits, corroded parts, and the like. Both your hoses and your hose accessories will need to be replaced at some point. Replacing these damaged items on time ensures less risk when you go to use your system the next time around.

Need a new commercial hose? Whether you’re on the hunt for a hydraulic hose, petroleum hose, or another type of hose, our Corona, CA-based company likely has it in stock. Best of all, we’ll ship our supply anywhere in North America!

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