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What is a Water Pressure Gauge?

What is a Water Pressure Gauge?

What is a Water Pressure Gauge?

A water pressure gauge is a tool that reads the water pressure in your systems and tests your water flow. These devices can be used to measure the pressure of wells, irrigation, and sprinklers on both commercial and residential properties. Additionally, this device can help one spot trouble within their outdoor watering or indoor plumbing systems.

While such a device might seem simple and relatively affordable, a water pressure gauge plays a pivotal purpose. Gaining insight to the pressure and overall function of your water systems can provide greater safety and convenience in the long run.

The Importance of Testing Your Water Pressure

The quick and simple act of testing the pressure of your water system every now and then can help in the following ways:

  • Works out your flow rate to ensure your tap or irrigation are working correctly
  • Helps pinpoint leaks due to defective pipes
  • Indicates where low pressure is present and which pipes may be affected by deposit build-up
  • Spots irregular water pressure that may otherwise potentially cause pipe bursts that could may cause significant property damage
  • Helps you determine exactly where failure in your private well happened

Thanks to the many purposes of water pressure gauges, it’s clear that these tools are not only useful but versatile for a plethora of systems. From helping you spot problems within your irrigation system to helping prevent potentially expensive plumbing-related problems, the affordable investment in a water pressure gauge is worth it.

The Best Gauges in North America

There are numerous water pressure gauges on the market to pick from. Due to their affordable cost, one might presume any gauge would serve them well. The truth is, just like any other product out there, low-quality water pressure gauges also exist. To get the job done adequately, finding the right gauge is critical.

ASJ Industrial Hose & Fittings, Inc. was founded on the need for quality hoses and its associated accessories. Our company has been in business for over 35 years, providing industrial hoses, clamps, fittings, valves, and of course, gauges.

To date, our gauge inventory at ASJ Industrial Hose & Fittings, Inc. includes back or bottom mount, liquid, dry, vacuum, ABS, stainless, brass, 0-10,000 PSI, and pressure gauges. We offer a wide selection of gauge sizes and materials depending on the project you need completed.

Not sure what type of gauge you need? Give us a call at (951) 735-1351. Our experts would be more delighted to help you out!


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