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What Makes Commercial Water Hoses Different from Their Non-Commercial Counterpart?

What Makes Commercial Water Hoses Different from Their Non-Commercial Counterpart?

What Makes Commercial Water Hoses Different from Their Non-Commercial Counterpart?

Many industries – including the agriculture, railroad, factory, and construction industry – utilize water hoses. Heck, even your backyard might contain a water hose or few, allowing you to manually water the plants in your yard and spray off the pesky debris from your sidewalks.

With how common these hoses are used for various applications, you might think anyone could just go to their local general merchandise store and pick up a basic garden hose and use that for all of their applications. Sadly, that’s not how it works.

Those who utilize water hoses for major applications know how strategic one must be when they select the right hose. Quickly, one realizes that a simple garden hose is never the answer – at least not in the industry.

Fortunately, there’s such a thing as commercial water hoses, which are greater than any garden hose you’ve ever come in contact with. Here’s how commercial-quality hoses are more advanced:

Reinforced Construction

Even moderately priced garden hoses are incredibly prone to kinks, tears, cracks, and frequent tangles. What a pain. Although they’re typically heavier and thicker, commercial hoses, on the other hand, have stronger construction. Thanks to their more superior exterior, these babies can take on more abuse from both nature and you, the user (not that we recommend you to mistreat your hose).

High Burst Strength

When searching for the right hose, checking its burst strength is imperative to help you decide if it will serve you well over the years. The good news is, commercial hoses, unlike their average non-commercial hose, tend to have a high burst strength, meaning they are better at withstanding higher water pressure without, well, bursting.

Often Usable for Both Cold and Hot Applications

Your average garden hose may be meant for the yard, but you might notice that it doesn’t handle the colder temperatures and sweltering sun so well. Visible cracking is one common symptom that your hose has dealt with ambient temperatures beyond what it can physically handle. In turn, you may find yourself replacing your hose frequently and forcing yourself to be more careful with how you store your precious hose during those colder and hotter months.

Fortunately, commercial water hoses not only last longer in more extreme outdoor temperatures, but many of them are able to be used alongside both cold and hot applications. This gives you greater leeway regarding the types of applications you choose to engage in.

Based on the latter information, commercial water hoses are generally stronger than non-commercial hoses, but it doesn’t mean all commercial hoses are equal. Fortunately, we offer only the finest hose supply on the market.

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