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What You Need to Know About CrimpCloud by Continental in Riverside CA

What You Need to Know About CrimpCloud by Continental in Riverside CA

What You Need to Know About CrimpCloud by Continental in Riverside CA

Do you have a hose assembly business in Riverside, CA or its surrounding areas? Or are you interested in starting up a business like this in the near future? Surely, you understand that there’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to this type of business. So, likely, you’re on the hunt for a great solution to help improve your efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction, staff retention and satisfaction, and company in general.

Luckily for you, Continental has your back with their CrimpCloud software. It’s a gamechanger for people in this industry – big time. Here at ASJ Hose & Fittings, we get your desire and need for technology like this. Allow us to teach you more about Continental’s software.

What is CrimpCloud by Continental?

CrimpCloud by Continental is a software that offers the perfect solution for all things hose assembly management. This software offers many great and useful features including equipment utilization, reporting, resource planning, in-depth training, and VIP support – just to name a few.

Rely on Continental’s CrimpCloud technology to monitor your production and manage your metrics with ease. In addition, users can track machine performance and receive over-the-air crimp specifications to help maintain top notch quality. There’s never been better technology for this type of business than now, with CrimpCloud.

This new and improved software features heatmaps and graphs to manage your inventory and staff, make sense of customer demand, and determine ratios in product spread. With the report creation feature, you can come to learn which facilities and machines are most effective and keep a close eye on data in real time. CrimpCloud also gives you the opportunity to boost the safety of your business by safely and securely backing up operator accounts, crimp specifications, and the like – while making sure all your stored date in CrimpCloud is encrypted. To top it off, this software can significantly help boost productivity on the job by delivering professionally led webinars, useful training videos, a library of equipment documentation, and equipment support.

Learn More About CrimpCloud

Are you interested in learning more about CrimpCloud by Continental and what it can do for your hose assembly business? ASJ Hose & Fittings would be glad to tell you more about it. We can also let you in on more information regarding the crimping business and what Continental products we currently have available to help make your business flourish as it’s meant to.

Get in contact with our helpful team today over the phone. Call us at (951) 735-1351 today to learn more.


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