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What’s the Difference Between Gate Valves and Ball Valves?

What’s the Difference Between Gate Valves and Ball Valves?

What's the Difference Between Gate Valves and Ball Valves?

Gate valves and ball valves: they sound pretty similar, don’t they? If you’re a newbie when it comes to valves, you can probably imagine that these two terms refer to two different things, but you may be clueless when it comes to what these specific types of valves do and what makes them different from one another.

If you’re interested in learning more about gate valves and ball valves, the following information will be of great use to you.

Gate Valves

Typically featuring a round knob that can be turned to alter the flow of water, gate valves contain a little internal gate that lifts or lowers depending on whether you want to start or stop the flow.

Gate valves are ideal for applications that require the valve to be either completely open or completely closed, like for slurries or for viscous liquids. A gate valve that’s partially open during operation will vibrate and potentially lead to damage. On top of that, gate valves aren’t recommended for use in sanitary applications.

Beware that older gate valves may break from the stem if it’s closed or open too hard. This is particularly true if they end up corroding, which they are unfortunately prone to. Apart from breakages that may require repair or replacement, a corroded gate valve can generally be difficult to open and close.

Ball Valves

Also referred to as shut off valves, ball valves are one of the most popular types of valves on the market today. With high durability and top-notch efficiency over the years, it’s no wonder this valve is often preferred.

This type of valve is the only valve that immediately shuts off water flow, unlike gate valves which lack the capability of providing immediate redirection.

Ball valves are known to have very few problems and are considered the recommended option over their gate valve counterpart. Specifically, ball valves are great for slurries and large amounts of liquids or gases. However, they aren’t suitable for tight locations or for throttling applications.

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