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Why sanitizing your new hose appliances matters

Why sanitizing your new hose appliances matters

Why sanitizing your new hose appliances matters

Hygiene is a must –– and your hose appliances are no exception. Think about it: you use your hoses to transport and store all kinds of liquids, including water you and your family drink. You can’t afford dirty equipment, and maintaining proper hygiene is easier than you think! Let us give you all the details.

Avoiding contamination

Almost all types of hoses are sure to be contaminated at one point or another. It’s not hard to see why: they can be left on the floor or other dirty surfaces, with debris, dirt, and the like easily making their way inside. Hoses can sometimes even get contaminated while still in the manufacturing process –– those warehouses and factories aren’t always very clean.

Imagine, for example, that you are using hoses to handle beer and other beverages. You don’t want to use dirty hoses, do you? And so how do you go about cleaning?

Believe it or not, soap and warm water can often do the trick. One common mistake people do is using rough brushes that can tear or seriously damage the internal lining of their hosing systems, which is why you want to avoid anything close to a sharp object.

Rusty valves

While we are on the topic of cleaning your hose appliances, we gotta talk about rusty valves. You’ve probably seen a few in your lifetime –– not pretty, right? But far from just looking dirty, rusty valves can prevent you from using your appliances.

As gunk and other materials build up on your valves, they can make it almost impossible for you to turn handles and valves, trapping precious liquids and other substances. The easiest way to protect your valves from rust is by periodically wiping them down –– this will get rid of anything on the surface that can build up and harden over time.

For more intensive cleaning and protection, you might want to consider applying coating agents to serve as a protective barrier. Just make sure to consult with trusted professionals before doing anything. Which bring us to our next point…

Why ASJ Industrial Hose & Fitting

ASJ Industry Hose & Fitting is one of the leading retailers of everything related to hoses. They have over 35 years providing the best quality products for construction, concrete, petroleum, food & beverage, and much, much more. They are available to answer all your questions related to how to clean and maintain your hose appliances –– just give them a call today: (951) 735-1351.


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